Okay we talked about some of the do’s and don’ts of contacting women you find online via email. I’ve actually had many of my Match and POF dates tell me some weird emails they’ve received from guys.

I hope my post will steer you away from those mistakes. Today I want to discuss your online profile and what really matters most.

The most important thing is your profile must tell a story about you. Your story should be one of a man that isn’t needy, is fun to be around and confident.

How do you accomplish this? The first thing is to have several photos that put you in those types of social situations. If you have photos of yourself in the mirror without your shirt – REMOVE them. Next time you’re out partying, a house party, enjoying Sunday funday – snap some photos and post those up on your profile.

How may times do you see women posting photos of themselves on Facebook? That’s right all the damn time!

Those photos put you out there as that fun guy and that’s what women want. They want a fun confident guy not that creep taking photos of himself in the mirror and in the hallway with no smile.

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Here’s another aspect of your profile you need to be mindful about, not coming off needy. I have to say I’ve read a ton of profile heading that rings – LOSER. “Please pick me” , “Nice guy looking for love”. Sorry but you want to attract them not scare them.

Never mention you are a nice guy. Sure women say all the time they want a good guy who is nice and blah blah blah. You know what the problem is? It’s all bullshit because they always view the nice guy as a pussy. I had to learn that fu*cked up lesson time and time again.

Don’t get me wrong deep down many women want that nice guy but you can’t be a pussy – be strong and be a MAN.

Until next time keep on keepin on…

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